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18 Btc!! Reward for the person who can help find reconstruct a encrypted BIP38 private key passphrase 18 BTC Bounty or a equivalent of US $170K REPOST (Reddit Bitcoin)


I lost my wallet password its BIP38 encrypted Only serious request please I will provide 90% estimated of the password recovered from my brain memory. The reward for the person who can retrieve the full lost pw is 18 BTC. As soon as the lost pw is found i will put the 18 BTC in escrow, or equivalent (us dollars) $170K Its up to the finders choice what he/she wants. PM me for the details encrypted private key i have proof the funds are transferred and stuck since then Old RE:RE:post Bonus** If found the priv-key within 36-48 hours a bonus of 1.3btc is added or equivalent in us dollars 185K *scammers don’t put your effort in trying to show me partial of the pub-bitcoin address, claiming you hold the priv-key.
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