About the saying that there are not enough bitcoins for every millionaire out there (Reddit Bitcoin)


All btc holders will probably know this saying of at least heard about it. The world has more millionaires then bitcoins. If the whole sum of accessible btc will be divided evenly, each millionaire can own like 0.5 BTC. Sounds familiar right?, Ok, so let us think a minute. With the current price of bitcoin around $10000-12000 its ridiculous that bitcoin hasn’t been skyrocketed. Millionaires, are not the stupidest people on the planet. So why the would they not invest 1% of their assets into bitcoin? ​ Seeing the price of bitcoin, clearly they are not accumulating. Only masses of regular folks like you and me are accumulating. And just maybe 0.5% of the millionaires in the world are doing it. What is the reason for them not accumulating? ​ Maybe if have been thinking to long over this. But it all comes to 1 conclusion: If they starts adoption/accumulation. The wealth balance in the world would shift like crazy. Why would they adopt new form of wealth if they are already wealthy the old fashioned way. They benefit more that BTC will fail, then that BTC will succeed. And they probably can extend their wealth more likely in how they do it now.
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