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Recently I got really depressed in a way that I never had been. I’ve been feeling really lonely for a really long time and I’ve been making a lot of money at work but I hated the people and it was just getting me more and more stressed out. I was starting to feel really crazy. ​ So about a week ago I put almost everything (minus a 20k safety net for living expenses) into BTC and and one other coin. About $300k total. I figure if I 4x over the next two years which isn’t historically all that improbable then I’ll walk away a millionaire and just go live in South America or Asia and start over in life. Maybe buy a farm or something. ​ And if I lose it all then I’ll start over in a different way. I don’t know what that will mean. But I need a big change either way. I’ll honestly be ok with it though. ​ I made about $80k in a night a few days ago and then lost it almost just as fast. It’s been a roller coaster. ​ My average buy price was $10.2k for about 26 BTC. Wish me luck. PS: I don’t know if stuff like this usually gets deleted by mods but it would mean a lot to me if you left it up. I would never talk about this beyond this throw away and it’s really lonely going through the price rollercoaster and not being able to talk to anyone about it. ​ I realize what I’m doing is unbelievably stupid but I have no one depending on me. PLEASE don’t take my example if you have a spouse or children or really regardless.
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