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Another Physical Bitcoin on Auction for a Mere $101K (Bitcoinerx)


A second Casascius physical Bitcoin, containing 1 BTC, has come up for auction on eBay for the cost of a mere $101,010.

It appears that July is continuing to be a very good month for eBay seller alpine_puppy. He had recently listed a Casascius Bitcoin for $99,000. That listing was ended by the seller, presumably because he found a buyer that wished to purchase the item outside of eBay. Now the seller has listed another physical Bitcoin, but the price is now $101,010.10.
Big Bucks
Just like the previous Casascius Bitcoin, this particular physical piece of cryptocurrency was purchased by the seller in 2012 and then stored in a safe.
The description of the coin is that of a “rare 1 BTC 2011 Casascius Bitcoin ANACS MS64 Physical BTC Brass token” with a serial number of 1CAwG2fC.

This means that the owner can redeem the original BTC along with all of the coins created by the various hard forks of the Bitcoin blockchain. This means the new owner will get one Bitcoin Cash (BCH), one Bitcoin Cash SV, 1 Bitcoin Gold, and so on.
An amusing bit about the auction listing is that the seller notes eBay took him to task for the listing of his first coin, in which he stated no PayPal and that he accepted cryptocurrency or real estate as payment options. He now posts the following sarcastic payment options:

It is against eBay policy for me to post I accept any other forms of payments such as Crypto-currency, so I won’t post anything saying I accept BTC, LTC, XMR, XRP, XLM, ETH, BCH, EOS, or ETC. Crypto that cuts out the middle man fees and makes life too simple. So just making this clear, I cannot post anything saying I accept any of the top 100 world crypto currency at all. WHAT THEY WANT me to say I MUST accept BS credit cards and Paypal. So whip those credit cards and swipe away. I am not sure how you going to process 6 figure payments when 4 figure payments are mostly everyone’s limit.
eBay says I cannot accept trades such as Real Estate or Land. Although I am interested in Real Estate and Land, I cannot post offering that. So sorry eBay I posted that in my first listing. So Just in case anyone has Real Estate or Land in Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Puerto Rico or Anything Cool (Eccentric items) like a converted Missile Silo, property with a bunker, or land on the Big Island of Hawaii (not covered by active lava – the floor is lava was great game when i was 6, but not now.) would be a no no for me to ask but feel free to tell me.

Can Pick up in Person
Shipping is free for this physical cryptocurrency, and the option of how it is shipped is left up to the buyer. The seller says he will arrange a flight in person if that’s what the buyer wants (and for just over $100K, I can understand why).

You can pay cash in person when buying the coin, if you wish. As the seller is a known person on eBay, any prospective buyer wishing to pay cash in person shouldn’t have to worry about being robbed like some other cryptocurrency buyers and sellers have been.
The Casascius Bitcoin was created by Mike Caldwell, who is also known as Casascius in cryptocurrency circles. He created physical coins that contain an embedded piece of paper covered by a tamper-resistant hologram. This paper contained a private key for a specific Bitcoin amount.
Caldwell created several series of coins but stopped due to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) telling him that making such coins made him a money transmitter business, which would require federal and state registration.
You can track the status of Casascius bitcoins in circulation here.

Images courtesy of eBay/apline_puppy, Pexels, and Pixabay.
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