Bitcoin purchase BLOCKED by a bank! (Reddit Bitcoin)


Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d share this story with you. A family member wanted to invest in bitcoin just like I do, so I told him to download whatever app (//…) and buy an hardware wallet as soon as possible to stock his bitcoin.

He went for for the ease of use. When he tried to send money to its newly created account, his bank refused. After a few tries, he was told to call the bank.

During the first call, he was clearly told that Bitcoin purchase are forbidden by the bank. He was of course very upset that he was forbidden to use HIS money to buy something LEGAL. + it was a small amount of money.

During another call with someone else at the bank, he was told that was fraudulent and suspicious – thus not allowing to send them money. I guess it would have also happened with or whatever crypto app.

What do you think about this story? Ever heard of something like this?

I feel banks are really afraid of decentralized currencies – and I like it.

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