Bought 2 bitcoin today, up until now I was checking the price every 10 minutes over the past 2 weeks. Since I bought I’ve not checked once!! I guess by instinct I’m going to hodl big time. Long term baby. (Reddit Bitcoin)


I’ve posted here twice before asking newbie questions and have to say I got phenomenal feedback from the community, it kept me busy reading and delving into crypto. Got my ledger (trezor model T) and opened an account on Bitstamp. Took a wee while to adjust and watch all the relevant tutorial videos on how to read and understand what was in front of me. Now it’s somewhat simplified I’m sitting content with my 2 bitcoin and waiting hopefully for the bull run and then the halving in May next year that’ll hopefully take us to the moon. Not looking to buy a lambo – I want a fucking bugatti guys 🙂 Just want to give thanks to the brothers and sisters of this sub. P.S if it dips to the worst previous lows I couldn’t really give a shit – it’ll bounce back.
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