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Diamond claws: Crypto trading hamster dies after standout investing career


A crypto trading hamster, made famous by dishing out investment advice to thousands of online followers, has died of unknown causes.

Mr Goxx’s owners took to Twitter to share the tragic news with the hamster’s 18.1k followers.

According to tweets, the pocket-sized trader “fell asleep peacefully on Monday morning,” without showing any signs of serious illness.

During daily Twitch livestreams the furry investment guru would take a spin on an “intention wheel” to select an asset before running through one of two tunnels, labelled buy or sell, to place an order on an exchange. The trade was made by Mr Goxx’s owners using real money.

Mr Goxx takes fans on a tour of his investment office.

The rodent never lost his nose for a deal and after his final trade his portfolio was up by €98.20, climbing 19.72 per cent from an initial bankroll worth €326 when his day trading career began in June. That means the Goxx capital portfolio has outperformed the Nasdaq 100, the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Index over the same period.

In a statement Mr Goxx’s owners described their shock when their beloved hamster rose to fame.

“Being with us as a pet for quite a while, he became famous out of nowhere. Mr. Goxx has brought joy to people all across the globe and reminded us not to take life too seriously. He shed light into dark moments of pandemic, inflation and many kinds of trouble,” they said.

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