Does everyone realize the importance of getting major exchanges fully SW compatible before the having mania begins?? (Reddit Bitcoin)


I can’t stress this enough. And this thread is going to age either really well or really poorly.

Over the next six months, BTC mania is going to become ridiculous. Activity is going to quadruple. If the major exchanges are not fully compliant with SW and even LN where appropriate, we are screwed.

The last thing we want is to have the network grinding to a halt again, at the most important time, because it can’t handle the increased transaction capacity.

Every single person here hoping for value gains because of the Halving may see the very opposite if the world observes that BTC still can’t even handle a little uptick in activity.

This is a serious problem.

I know there are “no leaders“ in bitcoin. But those that are actually the leaders, need to do something immediately. Get on the phone with the exchanges and get this handled.

I’m telling you. The damage that could be done to BTC’s reputation in April 2020 if it grinds to a halt again, could be severe.

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