Does the BTC community want this feature in Qvault? (Reddit Bitcoin)


Hey guys, recently our open-source password manager went into open beta: https://qvault.io We are talking about adding support for a kind of “Digital paper wallet” (bad name, but haven’t thought of anything else yet haha) The goal of Qvault is to be the most secure way to store secrets digitally. Obviously keys and seeds can be stored offline on paper, but for many users a digital option is appealing because it reduces the risk of loss, damage, and physical theft. Qvault’s UI supports bitcoin keys/passwords/seeds as a secret type within the vault, but recently when talking with our team we were discussing how the riskiest part of using Qvault to store a Bitcoin seed is when typing or copy/pasting the seed into the app (being potentially exposed to keyloggers or clipboard malware). So, our idea is to implement WITHIN the app the ability to generate cold-storage type wallets. For example, something like this: https://segwitaddress.org/ Now, for users who want coldish-storage bitcoin addresses, they would be able to create the private/public keypair within the vault and deposit bitcoins. Here are the things to keep in mind: For now Qvault will not have the ability to SEND funds (it isn’t a hot wallet) This means that it would be treated as a savings account, and when one wants to spend those coins, they would need to import the keys into a hot wallet. Qvault can (and perhaps should during wallet generation) be run offline. All secrets are stored in encrypted “.qvault” files on the harddrive, and can be backed up anywhere, with an in-app option to auto backup to Qvault’s cloud storage (Encrypted with the users password that is unknown to the qvault team) Is this something the community would be interested in, or should we keep Qvault more simplistic?
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