Double Jeopardy: Bitcoin and Blockchain Featured on TV Game Show Yet Again (Newsbtc)

Bitcoin is once again at $10,000, but this time around mainstream interest appears to be non-existent, and the lack of interest is even reflected on Google Trends charts.
Despite the mainstream public no longer being infatuated with the first ever digital currency and the blockchain it’s built on, both emerging technologies were featured last night on evening television game show Jeopardy. While Bitcoin has been featured in the past, this latest mention comes at a time when interest may finally be returning to the crypto market, and could be the first sign that the mainstream public is once again starting to pay attention to the number one crypto by market cap.
I’ll Take Disruptive World-Changing Technologies For $10,000, Alex!
Bitcoin price may be trading for around $10,000 currently, but last night it was one of the even numbered categories ranging from $200 up to $2,000 on the hit TV game show Jeopardy.
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Last night, during the July 1, 2019 airing of one of TV’s favorite game shows, Jeopardy, host Alex Trebek offered the answer “Bitcoin uses this technology as its transaction record.”
The correct response, of course, was none other than blockchain, the distributed ledger technology most cryptocurrencies are built on and was created by Satoshi Nakamoto alongside the original crypto asset that started it all.

or sign of the top?
— Melissa Lee (@MelissaLeeCNBC) July 2, 2019

Bitcoin uses the technology to record all transactions made on the network in an inalterable and transparent way. And while Bitcoin is certainly worthy of its own hype, it’s the blockchain technology behind it that is potentially equally transformative for businesses, agriculture, logistics, and other industries.
Mainstream Mentions Mount Up, Bitcoin Will Capture the World Once Again
Comparing the buzz and hype surrounding Bitcoin now to late 2017, it’s practically non-existent. While this first mention on Jeopardy is certainly a step toward giving crypto more visibility once again with the public, soon the world will hear of the digital currency’s price reclaiming its all-time high, and it’ll cause the world to finally open up its eyes and realize that Bitcoin is now all around them.
During the last bull run, Square wasn’t absorbing this much of the BTC supply; Fidelity wasn’t trading it; goldbugs weren’t condemning it; and it the likes of Starbucks, Microsoft, and more weren’t talking about supporting it. There weren’t Bitcoin ATMs on every block, or Coinstar machines in every grocery store offering an easy way to buy Bitcoin.
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The point here is, Bitcoin may not be in the limelight yet, but when it finally returns, the mainstream public will no longer have to go searching for it, it’ll already be all around them.
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