Ellen DeGeneres rumors: Host reportedly struggles with ‘mean’ reputation (Micky)

Ellen DeGeneres has been in hot water for the past months due to the various testimonies from her staff and guests claiming that she’s mean. The host is, reportedly, already struggling with the rumors.

Ellen DeGeneres is a picture of kindness whenever she appears on TV. In fact, The Ellen DeGeneres Show host has been promoting kindness, but she is reportedly very different off-camera.

Ellen DeGeneres called the ‘Queen of Mean’

Kate Prince, an established lifestyle and entertainment writer, called Ellen DeGeneres the “Queen of Mean.” She came up with the moniker due to the many complaints against the host.

In March, Kevin T. Porter posted about kindness on Twitter. He reminded the people that “we all need a little kindness” like what DeGeneres always talks about.

Porter added:

“She’s also notoriously one of the meanest people alive.”

He, then, encouraged others to share the most insane stories they heard about DeGeneres being mean and promised to match each story with a $2 donation to LA Food Bank.

The post was flooded with several stories about DeGeneres treating her staff, crew, and guests badly.

Right now we all need a little kindness. You know, like Ellen Degeneres always talks about! ❤

She’s also notoriously one of the meanest people alive

Respond to this with the most insane stories you’ve heard about Ellen being mean & I’ll match every one w/ $2 to @LAFoodBank

— Kevin T. Porter (@KevinTPorter) March 20, 2020

Talk show host struggles with mean comments

According to American blogger Perez Hilton, he has spoken to enough people to know that the claims are not rumors. He also learned that Ellen DeGeneres is struggling with the various reports about her “mean reputation.”

A source told Us Weekly that Portia de Rossi’s wife couldn’t handle the backlash well. She thought it would soon be over, but the criticisms keep coming her way.

“Ellen is at the end of her rope. She thought this was all just sour grapes from a few haters. But it’s not a passing thing — the hits just keep coming,” the source said.

Hilton added that the people aren’t buying DeGeneres’ nice act anymore. Aside from the bad stories about the comedienne on the viral Twitter thread, several came forward and shared their not-so-nice experience with the show

YouTube star Nikkie Tutorials called Ellen DeGeneres “cold and distant.” After her appearance on the show, she realized that she should not meet her “idol.”

Many also noticed how DeGeneres almost made Taylor Swift cry when the latter guested on her show.

I’ve spoken to enough people to know they’re not rumors, but… https://t.co/afo5ZJdVZ0 #EllenDeGeneres

— Perez (@ThePerezHilton) May 14, 2020

DeGeneres thankful to wife, Portia

Even if the many are against Ellen DeGeneres at the present, some people still choose her and one of them is her wife, Portia de Rossi. For that, the popular TV presenter is very thankful to her life partner.

“Ellen’s so grateful to have Portia in her life as a soulmate and a sounding board,” the tipster said.

Ellen DeGeneres has yet to comment on these serious allegations about her attitude. Avid followers of the popular American talk show host should take these reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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