Finding a positive in negative; my Bitcoin story (Reddit Bitcoin)


Some personal rambling here, you’ve been warned 🙂 Earlier this year, around March, I was fired from my workplace. This came as a major blow since I spent the past 9 years there, that’s most of my career. We just had our second son born, my wife is on maternity leave, mortgage on a new apartment, bills, the whole shebang. While this isn’t an easy pill to swallow and I am still unemployed, two positive things came out of it: 1. I got to spend time with my family. Seriously, with both of us working at high profile jobs, we didn’t have that much time to simply be together. Now, my baby boy actually smiles at me and recognizes me. When my older son what at this age, he barely knew who I was. I finally got into Bitcoin and Crypto. One of my best friends kept pumping Bitcoin to me, encouraging me to check it out and so on (we all have this friend :)). As much as I value his opinion, I never had the time to truly look into the matter and like most ‘noncoiners’, all I knew that this was a highly speculative and even dangerous technology ¯_(ツ)_/¯ So, a few months ago, I finally took on the challenge of learning something new and boy, did I go down the rabbit hole fast. Of all things, I started with IvanOnTech academy, learning the fundamentals. From there, reading and learning as much as I can every day. Of course there’s also telegram, youtube and crypto twitter 🙂 I didn’t want to buy any until I understand the subject. I think I decided I wanted to buy when Bitcoin was around $4K. I made my first purchase when it was ~$5K. Been cost averaging since, adding a little bit every time and keeping my budget in check. In a matter of months I went from someone with zero knowledge on the subject to someone who (presumably) understands the technology, main forces in the industry, politics, history and price behavior. On the stock market, I would panic at a 5% drop (well, maybe not panic but I would be concerned), but when bitcoin drops 30%, I’m perfectly fine with the ‘healthy and expected correction’ 🙂 I’m looking at the long(er) term, of course and will do whatever I can to not reach a situation where I must sell in the near future in order to cover my family expenses. I’m really glad I used the time and learned this. Trying to go to local meetups and conventions and already met some great people. Perhaps find a job in the field (I can’t code but I do have a decent financial and project management background). So yeah, that’s my little story. Sharing this is my way to thank the awesome community and say that sometimes life can get you down, don’t give up and always make the best of it and find the positives!
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