Founder of Crypto Mining Pool Provider BTC.TOP Talks to OK Blockchain Business School



In a recent interview with Beijing-based OK Blockchain Business School, BTC.TOP founder Jiang Zhuoer spoke at length about a number of different topics related to the world of crypto. For starters, he detailed his journey into the world of Bitcoin all the way back in 2013— a time when he was working on a gaming product that was facing a number of cross-border payment issues.

Zhuoer claims that as soon as he heard about Bitcoin, he started looking into the technology — thinking it might serve as an excellent cross-border tx solution owing to its unique framework. He then started mining crypto from the comfort of his home by making use of several handmade mining rigs.

More On The Matter

When asked about Jihan Wu and whether or not he had really left Bitmain, Zhuoer responded by saying:

“The whole community is wondering the same, whether Jihan Wu left Bitmain. He and Micree Zhan are co-CEOs of the company. We have seen countless examples of two CEOs leading a company, and it doesn’t work well. They want different things, have different strategies. I believe investors behind Bitmain would love to see Jihan and Micree deal with separate businesses. But nobody is leaving the company.”

Following this, Jian was asked about exchange tokens and whether he saw any value in them. His response was that they were only good insofar that people believed in the exchange and thought of the firm as having intrinsic worth that could last for many years down the road.

He then went on to add:

“It’s a matter of personal choice. I don’t invest in any exchange tokens, but they could be a speculative money making tool.”

Bitcoin Core Rumours Put To Rest

A few weeks back, Zhuoer claimed on Weibo — a popular messaging app— that Bitcoin’s core dev team was looking to increase the maximum number of bitcoin core (BTC) tokens in circulation. When questioned on the subject, he replied by saying that Bitcoin Core developers had indeed been looking to increase

“the currency’s existing 21M limit for quite some time now”.

However, Zhuoer then added that this move could

“damage bitcoin’s economic model”

— and thus the only real option left for them would remove the currency’s halving mechanism.

“This is a long-term plan for the Core camp. I have had some conversations with Core developers, and they want to change the 21M limit after BTC experiences two reward halvings, which means in five to ten years.”

Other Key Takeaways From the Interview

  • According to Jiang, his economic portfolio currently consists of 40% BCH, 30% BTC, 20% ETH and 10% EOS.
  • He said that he invested big in BCH during the latter half of 2017— a move that he now claims he regrets.
  • Jiang is of the opinion that by dividing the BCH community into two, Dr. Craig Wright did something that damaged the premier cryptocurrency’s reputation permanently.

Final Take

In rounding off the interview, Jiang was asked whether or not he would ever consider investing in BSV. He responded by saying that he did not see a future for the currency, mainly because Craig Wright has time and again threatened the BTC community with the prospect of an all-out hash war.

He closed out by saying:

“CSW (Craig S. Wright) is a black swan in the BSV community. I would never invest in a coin with so much uncertainty.”

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