‘Good Witch’: Update on season 7 renewal; season 6 episode 7 spoilers (Micky)

Good Witch season 6 is almost to its ending and now fans are wondering if the show is going to get the green light for a season 7. Spoilers for next week’s episode are also now available.

Good Witch has been around since 2008 when Hallmark released it as a movie. It was a hit among viewers that it got six sequels.

The adventures of Cassie Nightingale continued on with a TV that premiered in 2015. It’s now on its sixth season and almost down to its last episode. The question now is whether Hallmark will renew or not.

The future of the show

According to reports, Good Witch season 7 is still not yet confirmed. It’s been a month already since the comedy-drama fantasy series premiered season 6.

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But until now, there is no announcement from Hallmark yet on whether they will move forward to season 7.

The silence on the matter isn’t necessarily a bad sign though. Hallmark may just be following what they did with their other hit series When Calls The Heart.

The show, which is a drama featuring young teacher Elizabeth Thatcher, recently finished airing its seventh season. Fans were concerned for the show’s future until the network finally revealed during the season finale that it’s going to get a season 8.

The future of the Good Witch series may be similar. Hallmark may just be waiting a little longer before they make the season 7 announcement. Until then, fans will just have to continue watching the last few episodes left in season 6.

Season 6 is set to have a total of 10 episodes just like its predecessors. Its 10th episode is expected to air on July 5.

Season 6 episode 7 spoilers

Aside from season 7 news, fans are also looking into what’s going to happen next after season 6 episode 6.

But before that, a short recap on what transpired in the latest episode. The episode kicked off with Sam (James Denton) worried for Adam’s (Scott Cavalheiro) operation.

Cassie (Catherine Bell) tried to cheer him up with a blueberry muffin. Meanwhile, Martha (Catherine Disher) tried to impress some officials from out of the country. She planned to become sister cities with them.

Joy (Katherine Barrell) had a dream that Abigail (Sarah Power) and Donovan (Marc Bendavid) were going to break up. Joy was worried for them because her dreams have been coming true lately.

Abigail got anxious about it but they tried to do everything they can to break the code. Unfortunately, Joy ended up comforting Abigail after she and Donovan broke up.

There aren’t a lot of details on what’s coming in episode 7 but the official synopsis says:

“Cassie displays Nathaniel Merriwick’s paintings for Grey House’s 225th birthday, inspiring Martha to direct a tableau vivant.”

Stay tuned for more Good Witch updates.

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