GRT, MINA, And ANKR Resist New Covid Variant! Would 5X Be Possible?


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The global crypto market strives hard to subdue the bearish rule post the FUD created by the new Covid variant on November 26th. However, the space has lost a market cap of almost $200 billion within 24 hours. 

Notably, the chief cryptocurrency Bitcoin has almost lost $6,000 in its value within a day. Followed by which other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and other chief altcoins lost by substantial value. Yet some of the altcoins such as The Graph, Mina, and Ankr remained immune to the new Covid variant with significant profits. 

The Graph (GRT) : 

The Graph price has been trading within a range bound scale for the past five months. With an incredible surge of 192.3% in the trading volume, the GRT price is hopeful of a massive breakout. The protocol has faced a rejection multiple times around $0.8 and $1.03. However, the token has yet again faced mild rejection around $1.01, facing a heavy sell-off over the past couple of hours. 

As buy orders for the asset look positive in the one-day chart, the protocol would quickly retest at $1.3. If it passes the crucial resistance, then the GRT price would claim the major uptrend neckline of $1.71. In contrast, the altcoin would plummet to the major bottom-line support of  $0.85 with a considerable influx of sell orders. 

Ankr (ANKR): 

Ankr protocol has seen magnificent growth since the start of the year 2021. The protocol has been generating a series of higher lows over the past two months. In the first parabolic of the quarter, the asset has gained a profit of more than 50%. However, in its recent leg up the asset has claimed yet another 50% of gains reaching close to the previous ATH of $0.1852

However, with a 450% surge in the trading volume round the clock, the protocol exhibits signs of positive growth. It has faced a thanksgiving rejection close to its previous ATH, yet bulls still hold the dominance. If it quickly passes the ATH, then it is expected to move by another 20 to 25%. 

Mina (MINA): 

Mina’s price has been trading within a crucial rangebound scale for the past few months. The protocol is striving hard to seek the requisite momentum for the massive breakout. However, the RSI factor indicates an exceptional bullish momentum in the short term. In addition, bulls still predominate with positive movement in the buy orders. 

In order to escape from the rangebound scale, the MINA price would need to pass the crucial resistance of $5.86. As many traders believe the project is undervalued if the protocol manages to find momentum, then it would take a crucial leg up. 

Collectively, sooner or later the aforementioned protocols hold the substantial potential to make an upward move. In addition, a portion of the traders and netizens argue that these are undervalued currencies. However, as many proponents and enthusiasts await the massive alt season in December and January, the Graph, Ankr, and Mina protocols are on the radar of the majority of traders. 

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