How To and How You Will Get Traders / Affiliates Under You Now

COMING VERY SOON: Auto Sales funnel you ALL will be able to use!

Indicator: Market Cipher A B SR Indicator 1 Year Access = 0.1 btc

Trade Group : Whale Crew Lifetime Access = 0.1btc

How To Get Market Cypher =

Step 1: Sign up with Bybit Thru my referral Link :]

Step 2: Send 0.1BTC (coinbase price) { 13vN5UNsX9SKtqQqaet6cCs1z73VcxScpY }

Step 3: Message Cryptoface#6075 on discord w/ Transaction ID and Bybit UID number!

Step 4: Send me your Trading View Username

Step 5: Tell your wife Crypto Face is makin us rich baby, were rich baby bust out the red panties we did it baby

Step 6: Be Patient it takes both myself and my partner to activate your indicator on trading view. 1-12 hour wait typically. Then make sure you log out and log back into your TV account every few hours to check! Market Cipher A, B and SR are yours!

Bybit Signup:…

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Discord link:


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