I am so incredibly angry right now. We need real adoption, and we need it right fucking now. (Reddit Bitcoin)


I can’t even begin to tell you how mad I am right now. It’s taken a while to get to this point, with a myriad of issues accumulating over years time, but today was the straw that broke my back, not the camel’s. The Banks which control 99.99% of the flow of money are FUCKING US ALL, and laughing in our faces while doing it. I need to pay for something (international transaction in EU), but for some reason they aren’t allowed to accept Credit Cards/PayPal since it is a preorder. (Dictated by laws or whatever). The only way you can pay is with a bank transfer, aka wire. (The company product is 100% legit, I’ve done business with them many times.) So I go online in my banking app to do a wire transfer. Well apparently you cannot do it online, so I call my bank’s 14 hour customer service line. “Sorry Sir, but to do a wire transfer you need to visit one of our physical branch locations and complete it there.” “But I need to submit it now as it is a time sensitive payment, and it’s Sunday so none of your branches are open.” “Yes, unfortunately you will have to wait until regular Branch hours on Monday morning. Is there anything else I can help you with today?” I hung up on them after that because I didn’t want lash out on this dude who was just relaying the policies that someone else made, but boy was I ready to. I calmed down and looked at my other checking accounts policies on wire transfers (different banks). My hope was restored after a customer service rep told me that she could do it over the phone any time today. Then I realized that I would need to deposit/transfer money into that account in order to do it, because it is just a placeholder account with $20 in it so I can use the Credit Union’s other services. I’d use that bank full time (NavyFed Credit Union), but there aren’t any locations near me whatsoever. So I logged back into my main account and went to transfer some money into the NavyFed one. What’s that you say, I won’t receive the funds for at least 24 hours? You are fucking kidding me! I can’t even access my own fucking money to buy something. Just like with private keys, you have no money if the bank has it. They have it, and they determine when you can and cannot utilize it. They also can decide who you can or cannot send your money to (like not allowing customers to buy crypto with their own money since crypto poses a threat to the bank’s total control). Oh, and don’t forget about how they fucking rape the shit out of you with Fees and Charges. I need to spend $25 just to wire the fucking money! Just this week they also charged me $15 for a “maintenance fee” and $1 for a “paper statement fee”. That is $41 fucking dollars in less than 5 days just for me to be able to use my own fucking money. It is fucking theft, plain and simple, but rather than getting robbed by some junkies in ski masks, we get robbed by fucks in suits who are rolling in cash. We have self driving cars, rockets that can fucking land upright after falling from space, and satellites that can zoom in on a penny from outer space, but it takes DAYS just for me to send money to a European country. They are intentionally strangling us and our money. They want to keep total control, all while stealing from us along the way. A few bucks here, a few bucks there, $2 every time you withdraw cash, etc, etc, etc… It makes me think about the movie “Office Space”, when the dude steals a fortune by just scraping pennies off of millions and millions of transactions. Enough is enough. WE NEED ADOPTION NOW. Mass adoption, not just a few random online shops and tiny restaurants. That is what Bitcoin was supposed to be about. We have strayed so far away from that, so much so that actual adoption (at least with bitcoin) will never happen. People have hoarded it, price fluctuation has scared so many, and the big institutions have infiltrated the system. When I first learned about bitcoin I believed in it; I saw how we needed a way to allow people to control their money. The message has always been there in my head, but it faded somewhat over time. Bears and Bulls, charts, developments, whales, and drama with Vermin and the delusional nutjob crybaby took over the limelight. The majority of people who are involved in crypto now are just gambling to make money. They don’t care about adoption; some might say they do, but it’s not really true. They just want to make big $$$, convert to USD, and lambo through life. Hell, prior to today, I was like that for the most part. I always wanted to see progress, but I envisioned myself hitting a high point and pulling out almost everything and cashing out to USD. Today was my true day of awakening. I learned about bitcoin and it’s goals/purpose years ago, and have been involved ever since. It sounds stupid, but I just now feel like I’ve reached true enlightenment (in terms of believing in the concepts that Satoshi Nakamoto(s) built upon). My involvement in bitcoin is going to change from watching charts and chasing profits to doing WHATEVER I CAN to push back in the face of the banks and give people real control over their money. Prices shouldn’t be what’s in focus, real adoption should. Bitcoin might not be the answer to this issue because of the issues I talked about above. If that’s the case, the solution has yet to be made. Bitcoin’s white paper is a great (currently the best too) foundation . Down with the banks.
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