I want to ask small shops in town if I can implement Bitcoin Lighting for them (Reddit Bitcoin)


I just go in the store and ask them if they want to accept payment in Bitcoin. All they need is a sticker with a QR code and done. I can even give them the chance to either get the revenue in fiat or if they want their own wallet to get the revenue in Bitcoin. If they want it in Bitcoin we can set up a little contract that goves them the right to send me invoices weekly for example and then I pay them back what they brought in with Bitcoin. This doesn’t even involve trust because I see all the transactions that come in through the Lightning network. Now that I think about it I could even create a little webapp that lets the cashier choose the product they want to sell to the customer and it automatically shows them the current price in Bitcoin. Edit: I’m not sure if the sticker would work. Is the amount that is being sent attached to the QR code? In that case I’d need to make it work with a little screen that shows the correct QR code. I am just currently downloading the blockchain and installing a lightning node on my raspberry for the first time. So, yes, this is a bit far in the future for me. But it seems doable.
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