If bitcoin does change the top 1% of wealth just wanted to share a few thoughts (Reddit Bitcoin)


Deffs not going to be me. Too broke atm, but those that mined and invested in the early days (dont id yourself please) you are potentially going to be in the 1 percent if btc still goes up.

You have most likely experienced not being im the top echelon and if you do i wish you the best.

The only thing i ask is that you dont forget how things were and try to help the community and those around you. Right now wealth is causing fights, poverty, and just a lot of trauma. A lot of these people can’t even begin to understand that they are privileged but i hope that if you attain that spot you can.

In addition, please educate your kids on what this privilege is so that we dont get rich people who do the absolute minimum and charge the poor till they are evicted.

I’m sorry if this isn’t my place to talk, i just see this change in power as an opportunity to really change the world for the better, to really end world hunger, to bring back privacy, and to put all people first, not just the 1%. By all means get your yachts and huge houses, but just asking if there could be more to give back 🙂

Again not sure if this is rude, not my intention at all, you are all so kind, so smart, and so knowledgable and i just hope that this will “make the world great again”… but for real this time 🙂

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