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If you didn’t buy bitcoin, and didn’t mine it, … where did you get it? Examples… (Reddit Bitcoin)


If you earn in bitcoin, you will prefer to spend in bitcoin (versus going through the friction of “cashing out” into fiat). This occurring will “close the loop”, lessening significantly the conversions to and from fiat. What would change that you would be earning inn bitcoin in the future? Well, … you might: freelance where the gig pays using bitcoin
freelance on a traditional freelancing site (e.g., Upwork) but get paid in bitcoin thanks to BitWage
sell goods and services and get paid using a bitcoin merchant processor

work for a bitcoin company that pays in bitcoin work for a company that earns some of their revenue in bitcoin, that then prefers to pay vendors and employees using those bitcoin proceeds be employed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which can only pay out in crypto, as it doesn’t touch fiat and has no bank accounts
do microtasks for bitcoin be a content creator who earns bitcoin using a bitcoin-based Patreon-like service or earns bitcoin with each view on their youtube channel, or web site
fix software and earn a bounty get bitcoin back for online purchases paid for using a credit or debit card
operate a mining operation, tiny or large

sell online or locally to earn bitcoin earn gains or dividends from stocks or ETFs bought on an American stock exchange through Abra
earn interest from decentralized lending
buy and sell bitcoin on a P2P Trading exchange
collect rent from tenants who pay in bitcoin
earn profit from operating bitcoin ATMs
earn from operating a bitcoin over-the-counter OTC Trading desk
provide legal services such as arbitration or escrow withdraw after gambling on online poker, sporting events (e.g., on nitrogensports.eu), games of chance, etc. earn from a “cam site” sell that prepaid gift card you don’t plan to use, in exchange for bitcoin e.g., on Paxful.com withdraw from your auto-investing / spare change app
raise money through crowdfunding
etc. Things are just getting started …., just wait until gig marketplaces like Uber, DoorDash, and AirBNB offer to pay in bitcoin to attract more service providers, and when payment in bitcoin is an option for those who make bulk payments — such as when Udemy pays instructors their commissions or when TryMYUI pays their testers.
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