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I’m a Bitcoin criminal (Reddit Bitcoin)

FINALLY! I’m kinda free now, so i’m gonna share my story, i’m a Bitcoin criminal. ​ This all reminds me of something, what a big mistake buying a $200k department instead of getting some Bitcoin in 2009, whatever, i was earning around $4k every month as Civil Engineer, i didn’t need anything else in then. Anyways, after all the mess when Chavez died we started to get less incomes because of the situation and i decided to try new stuff to make money, to secure the future, so i met BTC late in 2014 and decided to invest big in crypto mining, learned how everything work, then started with 5 Spondoolies Sp20, there we go, let’s try! ​ Mining BTC in Venezuela WAS profitable af, paying around $5-$7 every month in power services and making huge profits every month, as my job wasn’t profitable anymore in Venezuela when Maduro came to the power and everything literally fucked up, i started to put more money in Crypto, (2nd mistake, i should get out of Venezuela instead of staying there), knew people in the business and we made a pretty nice team. ​ As the situation was getting even worse every day, we use to help the people in trouble with crypto and i could make a , isn’t fair that poeple in trouble couldn’t do anything to save their lives in a country where the politics promised “everything free” (Be carefull with those… my beloved US people), well, the government wasn’t going to pay my neighbour’s daughter’s thoracic aortic dissection repair surgery, but we were. ​ Everything was fucked up, but we were doing good atm… Until this happened: ​ https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2017/01/27/congratulations-to-venezuela-bitcoin-miners-arrested-for-stealing-free-electricity/#4ae6b47e4b03 ​ Witch hunt! if you’re not part of the government and you’re against the government, you CAN’T have money nor car nor life, and you gonna get arrested for stealing FREE energy (That i actually paid every month, $7 atm). ​ They caught the first and he spoke… We were all in the list now. Before i could do something i got arrested. ​ That was my crime, and i went to jail 6 months like the others, it was going to be 2 years or more, unless we paid them, cash out the BTC and paid them in $, threatening us with even burning our houses or killing familly members, some of us refused at the first “offering”, then the tortures began… They were about to cut my fingers 1 by 1 but i told them if they fuck up my finger, i wont be able to cash out the money because of the fingerprint and blah blah… So they broke my hand instead of cutting off my finger. ​ Only because we were civilians and professionals, the tortures didn’t went too far, as they go with the political and military prissioners, until death… https://www.state.gov/maduro-dictatorship-tortures-opponent-to-death/ ​ There was no other way to get free, the prision was horrible, sometimes as torture, the food was delivered with pee or the number 2… Of course i throwed that in the toilet, no meals for days, then a chicken leg at the morning with a glass of water, that was the best one. ​ The impotence was consuming me, the psicological damage they try to do is really big, how long can i resist? Even i tried to pay them, but no, “You have more than that in Bitcoin, we need everything, it’s the commander’s order (Maduro)”. Couldn’t even let me talk with my lawyer because we were isolated, just like a maximun security criminals. ​ The hope of waiting to see if a miracle happens was gone, i was about to get crazy and literally die of hunger, so alright, i’ll give you guys everything… ​ Handcuffed, was taken out to my department, “Open every fucking place where you hide money, every single electronical device or we fuck you up”, yes… I wasn’t smart enough to somehow “Secure”some funds, so i was forced to unlock everything, computer, phone, laptop, HDDs, DVDs, even movie DVDs where they though i could have a hidden wallet or something, once unlocked, an agent started to find everything, they forced me to open wallets, exchanges, emails, social media, EVERYTHING was gone now, everything sold the same day in Localbitcoins and cashed out by them using my information. ​ The payment has been done, now what? Of course they were missing something, my crypto farm and my partner’s farms. ​ They got everything … Now what? I was taken back to jail, the next day they let me free under the condition “If you say something, we’ll hear and we’ll find you, you’ll know the true pain”, my lawyer? Dissapeared. Afraid of everything and without anything else, i could not talk about it inside Venezuela, the only thing remaining was an Amazon Gift card i had for $ 500, so i bough a Laptop. Even my car was taken because it was “A good bough with criminal money”. ​ Tried to find a job but it was useless, my health was fucked up and also earning $7 a month becomes impossible to live “well”, i’m a humble person, even if i have billions i don’t feel more than the others, i didn’t felt bad for working in “common” stuff, but in general the situation was fucking horrible for everyone. ​ Revenge? I can’t do anything, i don’t even have a weapon, my life is precious and my familly needs me… Anyways my Police Case File is dirty now, i couldn’t even try to renew my US Visa because of that, illegally and unfairlly, i was a legal criminal in Venezuela. The only good thing was that my family was never hurt and i was still alive… ​ Next couple days: ​ SURPRISE, VENEZUELAN NEWS! CRYPTO MINING IS LEGAL NOW, OUR POLITICIANS ARE MINING, LOOK AT THEIR FARMS, SO GOOD, BITCOINS IS FREEDOM, FIGHT AGAINST THE IMPERIALIST US PIGS! ​ And try to scam some idiots with $PETRO “coin”. ​ https://www.coindesk.com/venezuelas-crypto-exchanges-miners-must-register-under-new-rules ​ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd8OKMIHA3T/?utm_source=ig_embed ​ ​ https://i.redd.it/yev4p9kbdr731.jpg ​ The leftie television presenter clown with OUR machines ​ ​ Yes, THOSE are OUR machines, how nice, that’s how socialism works, everything has to be equally poor, if you have something nice, that’s not yours, it belongs to the government, because is socialism! ​ The last couple months i decided to sell my department, yeah the $200k one in 2009, sold by $7k… Of course in BTC, there wasn’t other safe way. ​ As my Police Case File shows i’m a criminal, there wasn’t any way to get legally out, because i’m a “criminal”, so i figured out to pay some people to open the doors for me, crossed the colombian border and headed to Perú, where i’m now a refugee (Thanks so much ACNUR), in the process of Integration to society, also contacted a couple Venezuelan ONGs here to see what can i do, i explained my case and it’s in evaluation, i don’t have enough “in paper” information on my hands to prove them i’m not a criminal and that Case File is corrupted, but they heard me and it seems they trusted me, i’m waiting now. ​ I’m annonymous until my “criminal” situation changes, i’m not sure if my familly will be safe at all in Venezuela but some of the people i paid was for protection of my familly members, i hope they’ll be fine. ​ I have my laptop and 0.2 BTC, how do you guys think is the best way to invest this? I know trading but i don’t feel confident enough to do it, as BTC is volatile now i think i could lose the last i have, i’m not a pro trader. ​ I would like to say “It’s ok i’m just gonna hold until the price is up”, but i’m fucked up enough so i have to cash out to survive here while my situation improves, that will make me ran out of funds eventually. ​ If there’s no way to, just tell me to stop dreaming that i can make more money from these 0.2 aswell, i need to stay mentally safe too. ​ If everything gets better, i’ll be able to work here… It doesn’t feel so good to start over almost your whole life again, but after all that disaster i’m still alive and that’s precious to me. ​ What i want to do now is: ​ 1- Take my familly out of Venezuela, at any cost. 2- Take this case to the media, i want to expose my case, once my familly is safe i’ll try to contact people inside to get proves of the situation with the BTC miners, try to recover anything is mine, and find a way to put the SEBIN agents names in the US or any other black list, at least they won’t be able to use what belong to us. 3- Of course start over out of Venezuela and build a new life. ​ For those who still think Bitcoin is an empty stuff, i can tell you… Beyond the tech, it is true freedom and salvation. ​ PD: Sorry if my english has some mistakes, isn’t my native language. ​ ​ https://i.redd.it/4lvcojoser731.jpg
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