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Is Bitcoin (BTC) Price Heading Towards $115k By The End Of The Market Cycle?


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The global crypto market has been in turmoil, as mainstream cryptos have been stuck in the lengthening market cycle. Wherein the price projections of crypto assets have been capped to a narrow range. Traders from the business have been keen on the market cycle, as they have been longing for relief.

The star crypto remains widely influenced by the market cycle, which has been fairly detrimental in the price fluctuations of BTC. In the interim, traders from the business outlook the wave patterns of the market cycle. Which has been optimistic enough for diamond hands to hodl, in view of approaching cycle top. 

Bitcoin’s Fall Before The Rise?  

The pictorial representation from the source suggests the 4 wave patterns that occur with Bitcoin, every cycle. The 4 waves which are referred to as demand waves happen when significant money inflows into Bitcoin in a short time frame. The waves are evident in the Realized Cap Hodl waves. 

The 4 waves are namely, Take-Off, First Sell-Off, Fake Top, and Cycle Top. Which generally plays in sequence, in routine with respect to sentiments in the market. What can be observed is, over time the cycle and the time frame of waves have been lengthening at a constant rate. From a cycle concluding in a year’s time in 2011, to spanning across years.

From the thesis, we can learn that the current cycle has concluded with the first two waves, which are Take-Off, and Sell-Off. We are currently in the tarrying phase of consolidation, post which a healthy bull run to extreme cliffs can be expected. Prior to a realistic cycle top.

Where Is The Next Pitstop For Bitcoin? 

Veterans from the industry contemplating the current market cycle with that from 2017, is not an unknown thesis to savvies from the business. While the perception of traders and the industry has seen massive increments, brief conclusions can be drawn out from the cycle of 2017. Where the price actions of Bitcoin on the charts have been astounding.

From historic trajectories, BTC price has propelled over 140% from the summers of 2017 to early September, where the price faked top at $4858.91. Following a brief period of consolidation until Early December. BTC has hopped on to the bulls for an incredible run to the cycle top of $19,872.92, i.e over 100% growth in a fortnight’s time. 

Summing up, considering a shift in market sentiments and behavior. We can expect a realistic BTC price approach to the highs in the range of 45 to 60% in the incoming wave. Post a series of corrections, we can anticipate a bullish leg-up to the cycle top, that the industry has been waiting for.

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