Just got scammed in the fake Elon Musk giveaway!! (Reddit Bitcoin)


I know what a complete dummy! Haha let’s all laugh at me. In my defense I was juggling with looking after my young son and came across the article which linked to a website and before I knew it I was sending my hard earned bitcoin into a random account in the hopes of receiving more back. Because you know generous fake Elon likes to giveaway a ton of BTC! Feel so stupid. Please tell me someone else out there did the same? I’m furious with myself, I lost a significant chunk of BTC which I’ve built up over the years. I didn’t get in in 2013 so I don’t have hundreds of the things. I was working towards owning 1 BTC and this scam has sent me back about 6 months to a year in my investment. Please make me feel a little better with myself? Anyone?
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