Justin Sun’s Power Lunch With Buffett Moved From New York to San Francisco (Zycrypto)

In a recent blog post, on June 27, 2019, founder and team leader of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, notifies the community about a little adjustment made regarding his lunch with Warren Buffett.
Justin Sun Makes a Slight Change in Plan
Sun, in his recent announcement, made it known that his proposed lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett will no longer hold at its regular location – the Smith & Wollensky in New York. The eBay power of one lunch, slated for the 25th July 2019 will now be held at Quince, a three-Michelin starred restaurants in San Francisco.
Briefing the community about his reasons, Justin Sun noted;
“I decided to move the lunch from New York City, where it’s been held at Smith & Wollensky for many years, to San Francisco, which is home to the GLIDE Foundation. The Bay Area charity for decades has worked to help the homeless, needy and those battling substance abuse. I’m happy to see the winning $4.56 million eBay Power Lunch bid, plus an additional $100,000 I donated later, go to such a worthy cause.”
Quince is known for its mixture of French and Italian dishes made with locally grown veggies from North California. Also, Quince is said to have hosted the likes of Hillary Clinton and LeBron James, offering total privacy to its guests.
Main Takeaway From The Event
The Tron community has its fingers crossed about the aftermath of the event. Sun’s major aim is to get Buffett interested in cryptocurrencies – most especially Tron, and how its blockchain is impacting the ecosystem. It’s, therefore, “possible that Buffett will make some huge investments in Tron”. This will possibly send the price of Tron to the moon.
Tron aside, there may also be discussions about the upcoming Facebook’s Libra coin and its underlying blockchain technology, and projects by JP Morgan and IBM as well.
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