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I posted two posts before about fees and the overall sentiment seemed to be that Lightning is the remedy. Previous posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/gnv37d/bitcoin_fees/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/gtebjy/lightning_question/

I got a lot of good information and links from you guys so I wanted to follow up with our experience.

We implemented Strike as the provider ( https://strike.acinq.co/ ) which was one of the recommend ones. Once implemented we have tested deposits using Wallet of Satoshi (iOS) and Phoenix Wallet (Android).

Strike API had good documentation and was really simple to implement. Their dashboard tools are basic but does the job. Integration took about 4-5 hours in total which is pretty decent. We had no issues, everything worked as advertised.

Using WoS or Phoenix Wallet was super simple as well. Install, create new wallet, put some funds in it and your ready. We had some casual Bitcoin users try it out and they had no problems getting started.

The performance really blew our minds. Instant deposits with virtually zero fees. Which we knew, but how simple it was and actually seeing the funds arrive almost instantly was just awesome to see.

Withdrawals are still not using Lightning but will use regular transactions for now so we have not solved that part. But allowing for easy payments in is a good first step.

This is truly looking like the next step for Bitcoin as a proper payment solution.

Thank you everyone that helped us out with this!

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