Lightning network is sweet. Bitrefill is ok. (Reddit Bitcoin)


I use open node for a payment processor, and they let me withdraw via lightning.

Me and the wife want some dinner, we choose to go to the cheesecake factory. I sent $100 to my lightning wallet from opennode, and the funds were available in my wallet immediately (blue wallet). I went to bitrefill purchased a cheesecake factory card and sent it to her email. Again, immediate payment. Took all of 1 minute for the whole operation. It would have been even quicker if I didnt need to send from opennode.

Now, Bitrefill did fuck me on a gift card refund a month or 2 ago (they sent the refund to the wrong ₿ address) but I decided to try them again, and it worked great. I just wanted to add this because the company is not 100% trustful. But in most cases it seems they are a net positive for bitcoin. I wouldn’t trust them with more than $100.

Just a review of a pleasant transaction.

Edit: added wallet name as requested. (Blue wallet)

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