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Decentraland (MANA) & The SandBox (SAND) Price Chasing Each Other To Hit $10!


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Decentraland & The SandBox carry on with their bullish trend that began almost a month before. Both the NFT’s had a monstrous rally of more than 600% and 1000% respectively which appears to be unstoppable currently. The MANA price & SAND price seem to be in a race against each other aiming at a double-digit target somewhere in the Q1 of 2022. 

Decentraland (MANA) Price May Hit $25

Decentraland emerged from a thin space and outperformed well-established NFT’s like Theta, Tezos, Enjin Coin, Chiliz, etc. MANA price after being calm for more than a couple of years got a major push during the bull run 2021. The price rose viciously to hit highs somewhere around $1.6.

The second bull run came out to be more aggressive and accumulated more than 600% gains within a month. Yet the rally is expected to continue with more strength in order to hit $10 very soon. However, the upcoming rally may also include a notable plunge again back to $3-$4 levels as per one of the analysts.

sand mana

Despite the correction, the analyst is still bullish on the asset and expects a huge flip to higher levels. Considering the 2020 lows as the support for the FIB levels, the current price is hovering around 4.9 levels. The analysts believe the asset may range high to the next FIB level at 28 which lies around $25 to $32. Therefore, Decentraland is pretty bullish considering a longer and higher time frame. 

The SandBox(SAND) Price Could Still Be A Good Buy!

The SandBox like MANA maintained a substantial upward trajectory since the beginning of 2021. However, the spike which hit the SAND price since the beginning of November was pretty unexpected. The asset’s bull run of more than 1000% caught everyone’s attention and hence the rally does not appear to face a pullback or correction until the end of the month. 

The SAND price is $8.19 after smashing the new ATH at $8.32 with a jump of nearly 20% in the early hours of trade. Despite surging constantly for a week, the asset may get a little exhausted and hover around $5.5-$6. However, the pullback may be short-lived which will be overcome by a gigantic leap beyond $10. 

Collectively, Decentraland & The SandBox are completely focusing on a huge upward trajectory, nullifying the possibilities of a pullback. However, the possibilities are still alive as the assets usually tend to exhaust after reaching some milestones. And hence despite minor corrections, MANA price & SAND price appear to be pre-programmed to smash a 2-digit figure soon. 

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