My paper wallet generated on bitcoinpaperwallet.com was hacked! (Reddit Bitcoin)


Hi fellow redditors! Now I’m joining the sad crowd of folks, whose bitcoin paper wallets got hijacked. As always it is crucial to know where I f**ked up or who screwed me this time. I generated my bitcoin paper wallet on https://bitcoinpaperwallet.com/ in January, 2019. I did it online in my browser and didn’t follow through all the recommendations at https://bitcoinpaperwallet.com/#security page. I’m not sure if they put this “go offline” thing there at that time, and I can’t confirm it via the wayback machine because owner of bitcoinpaperwallet.com got his site excluded. Isn’t it strange, by the way? Since the time of inception I did not use nor store my private key in any compromising way, this address was my deposit-only box. Nevertheless my bitcoins was transferred from 1AnwjJ8VrQcvwD9zNHs8jUX4djEvLtFwzy on August 13, 2019. I also found transaction to the same hijacker’s address from the address generated in May, 2019. I found it quite strange that some hacker that only have got one chance to steal my private key (at the time of creation on bitcoinpaperwallet site) used it whole 8 months later to withdraw funds. I’m eager to know if anyone have the same experience with bitcoinpaperwallet generated wallets and if there is a chance that the site itself is not legit. Thanks for your time, folks!
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