My questions about Bitcoin (Reddit Bitcoin)


I have been in crypto for maybe 1.5 years now and still have some questions, that you can hopefully answer. Could someone just try bruteforcing private keys? Wouldn’t you find someone’s private key by doing that for a long period of time eventually? Doesn’t a currency NEED inflation to work (I assume bitcoin to be “inflation-proof”)? Wouldn’t that mean that BTC would just go to infinity eventually? Also, why would anyone ever sell his BTC then, if it just keeps increasing forever? Would miners shut down after rewards get too small, thus making a 51% Attack easier? Why is it not a problem that every year more bitcoin are lost forever? Why does this whole community feel like such a circlejerk? People acting like bitcoins success is inevitable (Maybe it is, idk). Also I feel like everyone saying, to not trust banks/the media/etc. is not better than them? Should I ask these questions? Won’t time and progress eventually solve the problems and major concerns? Thank you.
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