OmniSparx (Airdrop Alert)


OmniSparx Airdrop is worth 0.5 Ethereum (ETH) (~$ 150) for 5 participants, randomly chosen on the following dates: July 15, 2019, July 31, 2019, August 15, 2019, August 31, 2019, and September 15, 2019. There will be one winner for each selected date.

Note: this is a Lottery GiveAway.

About OmniSparx

OmniSparx is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) whose mission is to support the health and growth of Open Communities so that people anywhere can collaborate and engage and improve their social environments. OmniSparx supports the growth and health of Open Communities by resolving the challenges inherent to communication and collaboration in an open environment. They advance their mission through the OmniSparx platform. OmniSparx’s goal is to be the premier authenticated and incentivized collaboration platform for Open Communities.

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