People say you take a risk when investing in Bitcoin. I see it different. (Reddit Bitcoin)


Usually, when you bring up cryptocurrency to someone in a conversation they will say something like “Oh, but isn’t that a very risky investment?”. Well yes, but actually no. Sure you can lose money because of the volatility, but thats not my point.

A year ago I started investing in cryptocurrency and my perspective on the risks involved have changed a lot since time has passed. We all know the feeling of FOMO, the risk of missing out on the gains you could’ve made on an investment. The risk of losing a future you could’ve had, an improvement of life. The fear of having the feeling of ‘Oh well, if only I would’ve…’ Well. I’m not willing to take that risk.

The point I’m trying to make is, its a risk NOT to invest in crypto because you risk missing out the best life you can live. Its an escape ticket to a better future and not accepting it would be a risk of losing that what can be. Sometimes you gotta do something risky to play it safe, you know?

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