PiixPay Adds USDT & USDC Stablecoins for Crypto-to-IBAN Payouts (Zycrypto)

PiixPay, an EU-regulated cryptocurrency payment provider, has introduced two major stablecoins to the list of supported currencies available for instant crypto-to-IBAN transfers. From now on, all PiixPay customers can easily convert Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) into EURO, along with five other cryptocurrencies already available within the platform. 

The newly added stablecoins are available for regular crypto-to-EURO payouts and the Instafill option, linking the user’s crypto wallet address with their IBAN. All incoming funds are automatically converted to fiat and paid out to the client’s bank account in EURO.

The extension of the list of the available assets by adding the most popular stablecoins is intended to expand the platform’s usability. Consistently working on their product, the PiixPay team has previously introduced their brand discount program, saving up to 31% on the exchange fees.  

Evald-Hannes Kree, PiixPay CEO and Founder was very optimistic about the update. He highlighted the important role of stablecoins in the crypto payments flow when reached for the comment.

“We are pleased to introduce two hottest stablecoins, as today PiixPay has made one more step towards the true adoption. We all know how essential stablecoins are, especially when it comes to payments, so we couldn’t be more glad to cover a broader range of clients’ needs by adding Tether and USD Coin to the list of cryptocurrencies we operate with”.

About PiixPay

PiixPay is a European-regulated crypto company offering instant crypto-to-fiat payment solutions. PiixPay payment service gives access to seamless crypto payouts to the IBAN account of choice. Instafill option enables linking the crypto wallet address with IBAN to automatically convert all chosen crypto-asset incomings to EURO.

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