(Showerthought) Bitcoin will eventually win. (Reddit Bitcoin)


“Our world isn’t built for Vampires to rule it.” At least that’s what I remember the quote from a 2009 movie called Daybreakers where everyone in the world was a vampire and thus had to build their society to block out the sun. Yet no matter how much they tried to block out the sun, every day it kept shining. It only takes one mess for a vampire to get caught in the sun’s ray and turned into ash. All the humans had to do was wait it out, the world would eventually become human once again. Bitcoin’s the sun. And everything else are vampires. It only takes one fuck up from any corner of society to get a person to switch away from the norm if something tragic happens to them. Bank won’t let you open a bank account? Credit card billed you a surprise fee? Loan not approved? Your government collapse? Freedom’s taken away? Mugged at gun point? Cops take your cash when they pulled you over? Your home raided and police stole your savings in a shoe box? Can’t send money to who you want, where you want, when you want? All Bitcoin has to do is wait. When something tragic happens to a person, they’ll take actions to prevent the next tragedy from happening in their lives. If the value of currency they use vanishes, they’ll turn to Bitcoin. Once a person learns that no one can take away your bitcoin from you (except for a 5 dollar wrench, heh) they’ll come on over and play.
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