[Tutorial] Build and run your own Bitcoin node on Ubuntu 19.10 (Reddit Bitcoin)


I am finally doing my part and running my own bitcoin node in a small home server.

Most guides I found online were either incomplete, outdated, or explained only how to run bitcoin-qt (graphical interface). So I built a minimalistic guide with the starting point of Ubuntu 19.10 to run the latest Bitcoin core release (v0.19.0.1) as of today.

If you have an old laptop (raspberry pi, NUC, etc even better) a reliable internet connection, and ~ 500Gb of HDD (USB external drive are just fine), you should consider running a node. It’s fun, you will deepen your computer knowledge, and you will be supporting the network.

A GitHub gist with just the code: https://gist.github.com/Koff/1638aca30d6e14f1dcd374825018074a

A more detailed version with some comments: https://www.fsanmartin.co/running-a-bitcoin-node-on-ubuntu-19-10/

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