We need more companies to offer the Lightning Network based incentive programs for their users if we want to see LN adopted. (Reddit Bitcoin)

I have been using Niffler simulated exchange for a while now and I just love their smart ways of promoting Lightning Network. Until I saw the new LN payout feature I was under impression that you must have some Bitcoin and open channels to receive sats using the Lightning Network. To my surprise custodial wallet such as BlueWallet allows users to receive sats without owning Bitcoin previously. While I know that custodial solution is not good, I feel it’s necessary evil to get LN adopted and showcase how LN works and demo the use of micro transactions. I would love if other companies would do various rewards for inviting users, sharing content etc and in return would payout some sats. It’s whole another motivation to get started when you are the receiver rather than spender. ​ https://i.redd.it/mr9mpl53fj831.png
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