What I still don’t understand about seed phrases (Reddit Bitcoin)


I understand that we all need backups and seeds serve as a way to recover your wallet if it’s lost/stolen/destroyed etc. But I don’t understand how the words are “generated” or how knowing them lets you recover anything. Everything I’ve read about hardware or software wallets just says the wallet “generates” a seed in case you need recovery. Hardware wallets even boast that the seed is generated inside your own hardware itself. But HOW? By what mechanism/program/company is it generated and recovered? 1.) The only thing that I can uneducatedly guess is that it (over-simplified I’m sure, but basically) starts with your private key and then puts it through an elaborate math ‘formula’ and that the answer to that math problem comes out as words and that becomes your seed… Then when you need recovery you put the words through the inverse of the formula and the result is a key? Like a decoder ring on super-computer-steroids! Is that even close to right??? If not, ignore the questions below and please tell me how they are generated. But, If it is along that lines then… 2.) Do wallets all use the same ‘formula’? If not, how would a different wallet make any sense out of my seed words and recover anything? If so, why is it any more secure that a hardware wallet can generate internally, if every other wallet has the same ‘formula’ anyways? 3.) if they do all use the same ‘formula’ to generate/recover (sorry btw, to anyone with expertise, if me calling it a ‘formula’ is like nails on a chalkboard. I imagine it sounds dumb, I simply don’t have the vocab to say it any better, yet), then why aren’t some shady types just having banks of servers constantly running random word combinations through it? I imagine that targeting one person and trying to use that method to get a SPECIFIC seed would have truly staggeringly bad odds… But with all the wallets in all the world, would the odds still be so bad that they would stumble into a few random seeds to active wallets? What would be the defense against that? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks
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