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Will LUNA, NEAR, And TRON Be The Altcoins To Bag For A 35% Surge In The First Quarter Of 2022?


The post Will LUNA, NEAR, And TRON Be The Altcoins To Bag For A 35% Surge In The First Quarter Of 2022? appeared first on Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

  The crypto town’s folks are on a rigorous hunt for potential altcoins which have been far from the glitter and bustle. Undervalued assets are always on the radar of traders and investors for higher returns. Which makes up to a healthy investors portfolio, wherefore the hunt becomes a tedious task in an ocean of altcoins.

Mainstream cryptos, utility chains, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, DAO, and gaming projects have always been an investor’s ideal choice. In succession, altcoins such as LUNA, NEAR, and TRON are emerging as potential alts to bag prior to the bull season.

Are These Alts For The Bull Run?

Terra (LUNA):

  The digital asset at press time is trading at $81.62 with notable gains of 1.5%. Whilst the market cap is hovering at about $29,158,454,861, the volume of trades around the clock is at $1,598,629,136. LUNA’s price for the last 24-hours has been trading in the frequency from the lows of $78.89 to the highs of $82.87.

The digital asset had traced its path to its ATH of $103.34, about a month ago. The price has been trading above the 50D MA since the 27th of December, and the price has been trading above the significant moving average. Savvies have pinned the target at $90, which would be achievable after surpassing the weekly high of $87.66. On the flip side, a plunge below $74 could take to levels around $68.

Near Protocol (NEAR): 

   NEAR at the time of writing is trading at about $16.53, which is down by about 4.7% since the previous day. The market cap of the asset is at $10,134,665,780, while the volume of trades for 24-hours is at $504,749,726. The digital coin has been trading in the frequency from $16.17 to $17.60 since the previous day. While the price falls short of its ATH of $20.44 by about 19.5%, the year-to-date returns are a positive 658.6%.

The crypto had surged about 33.24% since the start of the year to its ATH, which is about 4-days ago. After a slight pullback from the ATH, the price had found support at $16.4. The volumes of the asset have been bland off-late. While the asset would have to clear its barriers around $18 and $19 for a run to ATH. A plunge could take NEAR to around $15.7.

Tron (TRX):

  The digital asset at the time of press is trading at $0.070630 with gains of 2.1%. The market cap of Tron is floating at about $7,173,616,767. In the interim, the trade volumes for a day and a night are at $861,068,874. The crypto has been trading in the bandwidth from $0.06819 to $0.0706 since the previous day.

  In succession, the weekly high of TRX is at $0.072179, while the ATH of $0.2316 falls short by 69.6%. Which sheds light on the scope of price surge provided the bulls barge in. The year-to-date returns of the asset are 130.2%. The next target for Tron price would be at $0.077, while a plunge from current levels could take the price to $0.0628.

Summing up, buying the altcoins at lower levels translate to higher returns during the bull runs. Which is now the go-to strategy of masses in the industry. That said, buying the right ones is growing cumbersome each passing day. The aforementioned alts hold the potential to yield higher returns in bull runs.

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