Will Bitcoin end up like Esperanto? (Reddit Bitcoin)


When we take a look at Esperanto one can see a few parallels.

It was not taken seriously from the beginning and Volapuk was still preferred.

Later it reached quite an interesting following.

Then there was a boom and Esperanto started to gain relatively big following, magazines and organizations pop up.

Then France said no in voting to get Esperanto as an official language in the League of Nations.

Then Esperanto was kind of living and kind of not.

Then there was the end of Soviet Union and Internet and English definitely ended.

Then the “fina venko” was finally dead – although it kind of still lives in the underground and Esperanto is a well known term and language with some impacts on the language like “Mirinda”.

Do you see some parallels with Esperanto and Bitcoin? And Zamenhof (its creator) and Satoshi who both wanted a better, more equal world, but were destroyed by bigger players France and later English, and banks, corporations (ApplePay, Libra) and states in the end?

I personally see a ton of parallels and it could even be an interesting article or even a book.

What do you think? Fina venko por Bitcoin, aŭ ne?

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